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The house of S. José is located in the small village of Breia, S. Paio Jolda, in the Arcos de Valdevez borough a few kilometres from the towns of Ponte de Lima, Arcos de Valdevez and Ponte da Barca. In a region of mild summers, it benefits from its closeness to the mountain and the Peneda-Gerês national park, from the rustic nature of the S. Paio Jolda village and from easy access (access to the A3 or A28 3km way), which allows you to still enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Viana do Castelo coastline.
Ideal for a family holiday, away from the hustle, surrounded by fruit, oak, chestnut and walnut trees and where you can see the mountains surrounding the valley of the Lima river , the house of S. José, offers external private parking, a swimming pool and a wooded area to play, read, or even take a nap